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check out the new sun glitters video for 'it takes me' ...

Sun Glitters - It takes me from Victor Ferreira / Sun Glitters on Vimeo

Sun Glitters returns with a brand new video for ‘it takes me’, the standout track from last year’s exuberant ‘high’ EP.
An intense Mediterranean anthem that should be broken apart and examined by budding producers, ‘it takes me’ has the ability to capture and sweep you along immediately.
Marrying Burial inspired vocals to Flying Lotus influenced beats wrapped up in rousing Slowdive melodies, the hazily lush ‘high EP’ is an entire summer season shoegazing out over 4 melodic songs.
Title track ‘high’ sets things in motion, ebbing and flowing into colourful refrain, while ‘they don’t want to let you know’ bounces and sways, with its eerily atmospheric vocal manipulations offset against alluring blissful beats.
The final song is a remix of ‘it takes me’ by the sensational Jack Colleran AKA MMOTHS. 
His fresh and new approach to the field of production has had blogs buzzing with excitement the world over.
We are down to our final 100 copies of the 12”.
Get it before it’s too late because the EP will not be made available on vinyl again.

Sun Glitters – high EP
Side A: high / it takes me
Side B: they don’t want to let you know / it takes me (MMOTHS remix)

‘it takes me’ video credits:
Art direction & drawings - Marina Fae
Direction, Camera & Edition - Livia Massei
Actress - Katja Kinkopf

Stream the full EP here.
Buy on iTunes.
Buy the 12" vinyl.


music/is/for/losers' summer sale!

to celebrate the release of the new jape single - please don't turn the record off - we are having a summer sale! 

if you'd like to purchase any m/i/f/l physical item, we are offering 10% off via our online store right here.

you can purchase the jape cd, the jape lp, the sun glitters ep, or the music/is/for/losers record bag.

it's real simple. all you have to do is proceed to checkout with your items and enter this discount code: SUMMERSALE 

all one word, all uppercase. 

we are still doing a great deal on the digital version of the jape album via our bandcamp page right here, too.

enjoy/the/summer/enjoy/the/music …


record store day ...

it's hard to believe that it's been six months since we released the glorious ocean of frequency by jape. it has been a beautiful rollercoaster of a journey since that day in september, culminating in victory at the 2011 choice music prize. we haven't been the only ones on a massive trip over the same duration. our dear friend, gib, opened elastic witch on the same day, and it warms our heart to know that ocean of frequency is still his biggest seller. 

so to celebrate all of this we thought it would make sense to run an exclusive offer with elastic witch just for record store day: you can pop in and pick up the jape lp for €11.99, the cd for €7.49, or the sun glitters ep (featuring a mmoths remix) for €4.99 ... while stocks last. 
thanks to everyone who has supported our label, our beautiful bands, and this amazing record store so far.
the/journey/continues ...




sun glitters releases his ep on music/is/for/losers!

y'all know what day it is today? yep, it's the official release of the sun glitters ep! 
you can listen to it and get your digital copy direct from us right here.
or you can pop on to itunes and purchase it here.
if you buy direct from the label you'll get the ep for €1.00 cheaper and receive two bonus remixes for free! 
the vinyl version of the ep is available here for €5.99.
we should be despatching these orders later in the week as soon as we receive the stock. 
the digital version is available right now!

download the sumsun remix of 'they don't want to let you know'


so you've all heard 'it takes me' by now? good. now download a beautiful sumsun remix that appears on the digital version of the 'high' ep.