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sun glitters releases his ep on music/is/for/losers!

y'all know what day it is today? yep, it's the official release of the sun glitters ep! 
you can listen to it and get your digital copy direct from us right here.
or you can pop on to itunes and purchase it here.
if you buy direct from the label you'll get the ep for €1.00 cheaper and receive two bonus remixes for free! 
the vinyl version of the ep is available here for €5.99.
we should be despatching these orders later in the week as soon as we receive the stock. 
the digital version is available right now!

download the sumsun remix of 'they don't want to let you know'


so you've all heard 'it takes me' by now? good. now download a beautiful sumsun remix that appears on the digital version of the 'high' ep.